Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) Can Be A Good Solution To Common 1031 Exchange Challenges

There are limited listings in today’s real estate market making it difficult to find suitable 1031 exchange replacement properties. DSTs are prearranged replacement properties that can close in as little as three business days.

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchange?

For many people who begin investing as young adults, it often mattered little what the investment was so long as it was generating a profit. As a result of this, investors who are now officially baby boomers or senior citizens often have long-held real estate investments in their portfolios.

A Delaware Statutory Trust as an Alternative Borrower for Tenant-in-Common Programs discusses Delaware Statutory Trusts as Alternative Borrower for Tenants in Common Programs, what DSTs are, Lender Benefits and the IRS Requirement Causing Lender Concerns. A DST borrower with a master tenant owned and controlled by a quality sponsor should be an attractive borrower for a lender. Various financing sources [...]